20 Forgotten Tracks from the New Jack Swing Era
The New Jack Swing era of the late-80s and early-90s dominated airwaves, resuscitated careers, and bled into pop culture, taking Walkmans and dance floors by storm. As fondly as we cherish this all too brief era, there are plenty of songs yet to receive the reverence they deserve.
20 Best R&B Albums of 1992
1992 was an impactful and important year in R&B. So we decided to rank our favorite R&B albums from the year Bill Clinton was elected, 'Martin' debuted on FOX and the L.A. riots exploded.
Michael Jackson Portrait Up for Sale on eBay
A portrait of the Michael Jackson went up for auction via eBay on April 7, and if you have a cool $5.4 million lying around you can purchase it without placing a bid. The portrait, titled 'The Book' and painted by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong, is the only painting that the Ki…