A portrait of the Michael Jackson went up for auction via eBay on April 7, and if you have a cool $5.4 million lying around you can purchase it without placing a bid. The portrait, titled 'The Book' and painted by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong, is the only painting that the King of Pop ever posed for. It features the superstar in a red velvet jacket behind a checkered floor amid drapery and pillars and complete with an image of Peter Pan character Tinkerbell floating in the distance. The background of the painting is believed to be Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Toy inventor Marty Abrams owns the painting, which he and his partner John Gentilly acquired from a Japanese businessman as payment on a debt owed to them in 1992. "I've had it an awful long time," said Abrams. "With the positive response to his music and the movie about him after his death, we thought it was a good time to sell it and for the world to see it."

Abrams is hoping to sell the painting for at least $3 million, and with a minimum opening bid of $2.75 million, he just might reach his goal. Unfortunately the portrait has yet to receive any bids. The auction closes April 17.

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