MC Serch

MC Serch's Talk Show Debuts
MC Serch has seen his fair share since the moment he entered the hip-hop game in the mid-'80s. Releasing a number of records, he has dabbled in film and radio and has now decided to try out TV with his own talk show.
Miss Rap Supreme: Five Alive!
Last week on Miss Rap Supreme, Lilliputian boxer (?) Bree was given the heave-ho, paring the finalists down to five. "Bree...went out swingin' hard and i think viewers really respect her fire," said producer Sacha Jenkins. "Must be really difficult to focus on your rh…
Miss Rap Supreme: Ain’t All Love
Yesterday, VH1 premiered Ego Trip's new reality show 'Miss Rap Supreme,' a follow-up to last years' triumphant 'The (White) Rapper Show.' Although there was surprisingly little sex toy action in this first episode, 'Miss Rap Supreme' appears to be equally as c…