MC Serch has seen his fair share since the moment he entered the hip-hop game in the mid-'80s. Releasing a number of records, he has dabbled in film and radio and has now decided to try out TV with his own talk show.

Simply called 'Serch,' the show, which premiered yesterday (Jan. 6), won't be inviting big names in the music industry or feature celeb talk. Instead, he wants to help people, the way that Ricki Lake and Maury Povich aimed to do.

"I want to do this show because I want to help someone through their conflict and get back on their grind with a better state of mind," he explains in the introduction to his show.

However, don't think that he's going to allow his guests to go all Jerry Springer on television.

“You’ve never gonna see a fistfight on my show,” he told the Miami Herald. “Instead of watching conflict for conflict’s sake, I think people would like to see a show that gives them resolution. ... People will be interested in the conflict — oh, look what that guy has gotten himself into -- but also the resolution -- oh, look at this guy, he’s finally getting some help.”

On the first episode, Serch talks about how children can either make or break relationships. In the first segment, a man named David has six kids with four different women. While he claims that he loves his kids, conflicts with two of the mothers are making it hard for him to be the dad he wants to be. Clearly, there is a lot of jealousy, anger and drama in this group. But Serch is there to talk it out. The second part of the show presents a man in a relationship who wants to have another child and his significant other does not.

Serch really wants to make a difference in people's lives and is using his show to do just that.

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