T-Pain is on the road, promoting his latest single, 'Reverse Cowgirl,' and documenting his adventures in an exclusive web series for The BoomBox. Fans will get to be a part of the Floridian rapper's crew as he visits radio stations and clubs leading up to the release of his forthcoming album, 'RevolveR.'

In his fourth webisode, T-Pain hits Maryland and Washington, D.C., and continues to talk about his new LP. However, when asked about its release date, the charismatic producer says, "Summer-ish. It's industry talk for 'I don't know'...'

As for the music on 'RevolveR,' the Tallahassee native says that the album will cover a broad spectrum, "while still keeping it classic T-Pain." These days, he's catering to a wider audience thanks to his Bud Light commercial, Taylor Swift skit and stint on 'Saturday Night Live.' "I have to now get out of my T-Pain box and make another box now," he explains.

Get more Nappy Boy news from T-Pain himself in this brand-new 'Russian Roulette: The Road to RevolveR' webisode below.