Just days after a video of T-Pain singing without Auto-Tune went viral, he's back with the powerful and well-crafted song 'Stoicville.' The rappa-ternt-sanga puts the harmonizing aside and spews heartfelt raps.

"Whoever thought a youngin’ from a city full of rattle snakes was ever gon’ make it out the grass patch / Seven heels had me looking for a better deal, a hood n----, I couldn’t count on the Nasdaq / Coming home from school I had tears in my eyes / They was picking on me and wouldn’t give me my hat back / Now I got enough hats to give away, it’s better days, I refuse to have flashbacks," he spits over a stripped-down beat with no drums.

What's so good about this particular song is the fact that the Florida native leaves posturing to the side and reveals a much more vulnerable side, which makes for an interesting listen.

But it just isn't vulnerability T-Pain is showcasing; he's also displaying some pretty incredible lyricism. "How many n----s told me I was gonna fail, 'cause I got a list of n----s that could go to hell / They feel like I owe them something 'cause they know me well / Calling me a sellout cause I won't come back and smoke an L," he rhymes.

Pain's album, 'Stoicville: The Phoenix,' was set to drop this year, but it was recently pushed back. Hopefully, we'll be able to rock to the project in the early part of next year.

You can listen to 'Stoicville' below.

Listen to T-Pain's 'Stoicville'

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