T-Pain's visit to Australia over the weekend for the Winterbeatz Festival ended abruptly when a photographer was attacked by one of the "rappa-turnt-sanga"'s bodyguards.

According to a report, on Sunday (August 1) night, the Grammy-award winning singer/producer arrived at the Sydney airport with an entourage of 23 people and was greeted by two photographers.

While walking through the airport's domestic terminal, local photographer Kirk Bolt was tackled and placed in a chokehold by a member of T-Pain's security. The actions by the guard were prompted after a series of words were exchanged between the paparazzi and the group of people surrounding T-Pain.

"Kirk was holding $15,000 worth of [camera] gear and was staying right out of their way, but this bloke suddenly attacked him," said a witness. "The police were called and they interviewed the bodyguard before letting him fly home to L.A. - but Kirk is now nursing a suspected fractured hand."

At press time, no information has been released regarding charges filed in connection with the incident.