Rapper-singer T-Pain is using music to heal his pain. The Florida native recently dropped a new video called 'Okay to Smile,' which he dedicated to his late grandmother whom he affectionately calls Grandma Gladys.

"This subject touched my heart," he prefaces in the clip. "This song is not only for my grandmother, but also for anybody that's lost anybody. I hope this song makes you feel better. It's okay to smile."

The song finds T-Pain more somber than usual, singing by himself in the studio.

"I know it's okay to smile. You gotta be the light side. Every once in a while," he sings. "I'm losing touch with everybody...please don't leave me now."

We are loving T-Pain's Nappy Boy Unplugged Summit video series. Last week, the crooner released the touching ballad 'Say the Word (I'm Gone),' which warmed our hearts.

Hopefully, T-Pain will release his long-awaited new album, ‘Stoicville: The Phoenix,' this year.

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