T-Pain is all about helping high school students reached their potential. Back in December 2016, a high school senior named Gabriel Silvan asked the singer-producer for a quote that he can used for his 2017 yearbook photo.

T-Pain responded back with a quote often attributed to Major League Baseball player Oscar Gamble: “People don’t think it be like it be, but it do.”

The quote has an interesting history as it is often criticized by linguists for Gamble's use of ebonics and others simply just don't know what it means. The quote has also become a popular meme as well.

Since T-Pain delivered the quote, nothing much was said about it until now. According to Rap-Up, Silvan was able to use the quote for his yearbook. The high schooler posted a photo confirming that it was used and attributed to T-Pain.

The former Auto-Tune king shared the good news with his followers on his Twitter page. “Man. This. This is the kind of s--- I live for,” he tweeted. “You did it bro. Killed it. Good job man...slow clap.”

Silvan responded back, “I F---ING LOVE YOU DUDE.”

T-Pain's gesture was an awesome graduation gift for Silvan. "I went viral literally a week before I graduate, I have done it. I've peaked," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, T-Pain recently dropped a strip club-themed video for his Young M.A.-assisted single, "F.B.G.M." The acronym wouldn't be suitable for a yearbook quote as it stands for "F--- Bitches, Get Money."

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