T-Pain shows his softer side, and singing abilities, on a new love ballad titled 'Drowning Again.' The sometimes-rapper, always-Auto-Tune-assisted artist drops the enhanced effects and shows off his naturally gifted vocals on the touching song about heartache and heartbreak.

"Waves upon waves keep me down and I just cant get to the top/ But when I get there I'll still be nowhere/ 'Cause I can't find the one I love/ And if I make it out we should talk about how you left me/ Just how you left me drowning again," the bespectacled singer croons while sitting at a piano on a dimly lit stage.

The camera dizzily oscillates around T-Pain, who joins the likes of Lil Wayne with his 'How to Love' hit, as a hip-hop genre jumper who has expanded his horizons and vocal chords to more melodic tunes.

And perhaps taking a cue from fellow pop stars like Beyonce, T-Pain's 'Drowning Again' video swiftly follows the release of his Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen-assisted visuals for '5 O'Clock' from just a few weeks prior.

T-Pain's oft-delayed 'rEVOLVEr' drops Dec. 6.

Watch T-Pain's 'Drowning Again' Video

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