T-Pain enlists Wiz Khalifa and a vocal sample from singer Lily Allen on '5 O'Clock,' the sixth single from his long-delayed fourth album 'RevolveR.'

The unlikely pairing of the Auto-Tune T-Pain Effect impresario and British songbird works surprisingly well, as Pain recounts a late-night tale of a neglectful party boy, promising his sleepy girlfriend he'll return home soon, over a sample from Allen's somber 2009 ditty 'Who'd Have Known.'

While Wiz's verse comes somewhat out of the blue, and feels slightly unecessary on the track, overall '5 O'Clock' is 'RevolveR's strongest single thus far, and will most likely chart higher than the shelved album's previous radio disappointments.

A video for '5 O'Clock' has reportedly been shot by Hype Williams' nephew Erik White ('Throw It in the Bag' in Amersdam's prostitution-friendly Red Light District, so get ready for that.

'RevolveR' will likely be coming soon.

Listen to T-Pain's '5 O'Clock' Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen

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