Rapper-turned-autotune-singer T-Pain has been cast in an upcoming "live-action" episode of Adult Swim's popular animated show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Pain, who is a long time fan of the show (he wears a pendant featuring one of the show's characters), will play the role of "Frylock," a bearded, floating box of fries. The episode will also feature Jon Benjamin (Important Things with Demetri Martin) as Master Shake, Dave Long Jr. (cast via open audition, but the hairline and physique more than fit the part) as Carl and an excercise ball (?) as Meatwad.

This will not be the first time Pain has worked with the Aqua Teen crew. Earlier this season, the singer appeared as the voice of the "Die" ventriloquist dummy on an episode entitled "Dummy Love."

Click here to view a production still of Pain in costume (the yellow top hat represents the fries?).

We're fans of the show, and T-Pain...continues to surprise us. The show airs May 31.