Miami rapper Zoey Dollaz has always repped for his Haitian heritage, and even though T-Pain isn't from the Caribbean island, he's bigging it up too.

He's doing so in his new video "Feel Like I'm Haitian," featuring Mr. Dollaz, which was previewed a little while ago.

Overall, the video finds Teddy giving an energetic performance amid shooting flames and people from his crew throwing up the Haitian flag. Plus, it appears that most of the visuals were shot at night time, which adds to the overall hectic look and feeling of the clip.

Lyrically, Pain does his signature singy-songy rap flow to let his opponents know that he's not to be messed with.

"Gotta motherf----- six shooter stuffed in my sweatpants, I ain't playing, I ain't scared of 'em / Tell them p---- n---- let's dance / Chop 'em, make a follower of 'em, head bobbin up and down like a yes man," he spits.

For now, it's not clear if this single will land on a new T-Pain album, but until we know more you can rock to the video above.

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