T-Pain has just released a new track to the key of French Montana's 'Ain't Worried Bout Nothin.' Ironically, T-Pain sounds tense on this "T-Mix."

The Atlanta Auto-Tune crooner follows up the party atmosphere of 'Up Down' with a little bit of gun talk. T-Pain still likes spending money and hanging with models, but he'll get aggressive if someone pushes the wrong buttons.

Thankfully, he doesn't have to because of his protective crew. "So that gun rack got that SK / And that AK, and I love everyone of them s---s / But I got too many goons / So I ain't gotta shoot none of them s---s." Thank goodness for good friends, right?

The self-proclaimed "Rappa-Ternt-Sanga" is preparing his new LP, 'Stoicville: The Phoenix,' while the goons hold it down. The album will drop in 2014.

Listen to T-Pain's 'Ain't Worried bout Nothin -- T-Mix'