West Coast rhymer T. Mills has a way with the ladies. Just head to one of his shows to find out how he mesmerizes the opposite sex by simply throwing a smile or look in their direction.

In a track off his EP 'Leaving Home,' set for a Dec. 13 release, he's doing much of the same thing, only a bit more explicitly. The 22-year-old California-based entertainer debuts 'The Boom,' which finds him rapping over The Stereotypes-produced track about a little lady whose caught his eye. Only he's not trying to take her out for some fine dining. He's looking to engage in some extracurricular activities. "I'm like damn, I need that/ I wanna hit it like a baseball bat," he says on the chorus.

The heavily tattooed rapper isn't interested in a plain Jane -- he wants either a model or a dancer. "One, lemme ask ya, question you could answer/ Ass like that, girl, you gotta be a dancer/ If you ain't a dancer you gotta be a model/ I ain't buyin' you a drink, babe, I'm gettin' you a bottle," he rhymes.

T. Mills' debut album, 'Ready, Fire, Aim!' was released in September 2010, which spawned the single 'Stupid Boy.' His 'Leaving Home' EP will drop Dec. 13 on Columbia Records via all digital retailers. The six-track EP features his new single 'Vans On' and 'The Boom,' among others, with production by J Hawk, Colin Munroe and The Stereotypes.

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