T.I. joins TwitterT.I. is taking the steps to put his career on the right track with a grand musical comeback, movie and high-profile appearance on 'Larry King Live' last week, but the ATL kingpin has way more businesses going than your basic music industry career would imply. Akoo, his clothing line, is ramping up its new offerings and T.I. was optimistic about his future in apparel at a recent preview for the line and photography session.

"The direction of the clothing line, in my eyes, is upscale urban apparel," Tip said to MTV News. "I just wanna continue to diversify. Continue to grow. Continue to speak to the cool kids of America. That's my idealistic outcome."

The new series of photos showing off the line will feature Donnis and a sizable amount of beautiful women. According to T.I., he takes pride that Akoo combines such luxurious imagery and material. In particular, his current line has some unique denim going for it.

"Everything is gonna be comfortable, casual," he explained. "To me, we got V-neck tees, crew-neck tees, wovens. Denim is a big part of the lines. We actually pride ourselves on the quality of our denim, especially at the price point we at. We got fleece. We got a lot of imagery, distinctive imagery on our pieces, that sets us apart from everything else going on out there."

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