Last year, T.I. spearheaded a boycott against Houston’s restaurant in Atlanta after several patrons complained of racial discrimination by the popular eatery.

It all started when Deb Antney, manager and mother of Waka Flocka Flame, and actress Ernestine Johnson, both claimed the restaurant refused to sit their large party and gave them rude service. A #BoycottHoustons social media campaign was launched urging customers to not eat at Houston's restaurant.

Last week, T.I. lifted the boycott after he and several other people were able to have a meeting with the restaurant's management team. In an interview with TMZ, Tip said the restaurant chain was ready to hear their grievances and work to reach an amicable solution.

According to the Atlanta rhymer, Houston's have change their policies regarding seating large groups of people and initiated diversity training for all of their management and staff. The executives even brought on T.I. to help them with their endeavors meet the needs of the community.

"We are all living in this world together...[and] we have to respect the differences of one another's culture and we have to learn the differences of one another's culture to respect them," he said.

"And that's where the diversity training comes in at," he continued. "Because you can't really respect the culture you don't know or don't understand."

Read T.I.'s statement below.

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