After leaving an Arkansas federal prison earlier this month, then being detained again, T.I. has returned to a Georgia halfway house where he will be serving out the rest of his sentence, TMZ reports.

The southern spitter was transported out of prison on Thursday (Sept. 15) and will be in custody through Sept. 29. T.I.'s lawyer, Steve Sadow, tells TMZ, "We have good reason to believe that this favorable result was reached because of the proactive and assertive approach taken to protect T.I.'s rights by providing B.O.P. officials and the media with reliable and accurate information and that T.I. did not intend to violate his transfer furlough or any other B.O.P. rules en route from the prison facility in Arkansas to the halfway house in Atlanta."

Hopefully this ends the tedious saga following T.I.'s early prison release only to be hauled back to prison for using a tour bus, which was reportedly an incorrect use of transportation. His return to jail just hours after his release was apparently a "personal vendetta," according to his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

Aside from filming a VH1 documentary which got the rapper in hot water with the prison officials who deemed it "conducting business while crossing state lines" and a violation of his work release plan, T.I. recently scored a book deal with the established publishers HarperCollins. The novel 'Power and Beauty: A Love Story of Life in the Streets" is a fictional, coming-of-age tale of Paul "Power" Clay and Tanya "Beauty" Long, "set in the dangerous streets of Atlanta."

The book's cover was released via T.I.'s official website. HarperCollins promises the readers "a love story, a crime story, a survival story [that] bristles with an electrifying authenticity born of Tip "T.I." Harris' hard life on the streets."

The book will be released on Oct. 18. For pre-orders, visit Amazon here.

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