T.I. is one funny guy. In a promotional video for his new album 'Paperwork,' the Atlanta rhymer pulls a hilarious prank on unsuspecting fans at Footaction.

Fans of the southern spitter were promised to "get styled by T.I." The five guys thought they were being treated to a shopping spree by the Hustle Gang leader, himself, but in actuality, they were just being "hustled." After racking up thousands of dollars in Hustle Gang merchandise, including the store's mannequin, T.I. excuses himself and watches the men squirm when the cashier asks them to pay up.

The looks on their faces when they hear the $10,000 bill are priceless. The group of men try unsuccessfully to pass the buck but the cashier isn't trying to hear it.

Thankfully, T.I. lets them off the hook and tells them they've been "hustled."

Meanwhile, this is certainly no joke -- T.I. is set to release his upcoming new album, 'Paperwork,' in stores on Oct. 21.

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