While T.I. was getting some grub, he became an unlikely hero for the day. The Atlanta rapper was headed to Popeye’s restaurant when he came upon a serious car accident and sprung into action.

The 'Blurred Lines' rhymer told TMZ that he saw the accident while driving up to Popeye’s in Inglewood, Calif. Apparently, a taxi cab slammed into a woman’s SUV causing it to flip over on its side.

Tip said he ran over to help the female driver who was still in the vehicle when she looked up at him and said, "Is that T.I.?"

T.I. stayed with the woman until medical help arrived. Oddly enough, the crash victim wasn’t wearing any underwear and was worried, according to TMZ. But Tip rest assured her that no one would look.

Afterward, T.I. decided to hit up a different Popeye’s restaurant because "that one had too much going on."

Props to T.I. for his help in a serious car accident. His act of heroism was far less intense than his standoff with police at a club last week.

At least, T.I. is not afraid to put himself in harm’s way for his fellow citizens.