With less than a week until the Dec. 7 release of what was to be T.I.'s comeback album 'No Mercy,' the ATL rapper has released another stark album trailer to whet the appetites of his fans. Following his previous preview, T.I. appears in a basic black-and-white treatment, hanging his head low, staring menacingly into the camera and reciting a verse that's certainly on the more poetic side of things than usual.

"Everybody standing and waiting," T.I. intones." "Standing and hating/ Gospel say they should forgive me/ They'd rather hang me/ Wives and sons and daughters know that everyday he tried to be a better person/ All they want is better verses/ They can market to the merchants/ I can see it's that way that happened on Jacob's ladder/ My good outweigh the bad/ Ain't that what really matter?"

T.I.'s final question will be answered when 'No Mercy' hits stores and digital retailers next week. While he received a swelling of support and attention after triumphantly emerging from prison earlier this year, his relapse and reincarceration seem to have dampened enthusiasm for his career and upcoming album. The rapper knows this all too well and addresses peoples' fickle, love-it-or-hate-it emotions in the trailers. What should have been a 'King Uncaged' (the original title meant for the album) has become an exploration of how quickly one of the brightest stars we have can fall from grace.

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