Looks like the reality of T.I.'s impending prison sentence is setting in. Originally titled 'King Uncaged,' T.I.'s forthcoming album will now be dubbed 'No Mercy.' The change is appropriate considering he will in fact be "caged" when the project drops.

When we caught up with T.I. in August he was in good spirits and explained the difference between the mood on 2008's 'Paper Trail' versus the then-titled 'King Uncaged' album.

"'Paper Trail' was a dark, moody kind of album that told the story of a man going through transgressions and overcoming adversity. I think it told the story of resilience and how to move forward through your darkest hour to find your most celebrated moment," Tip told The BoomBox.

"I believe that 'King Uncaged' has more celebratory moments ... It doesn't have a dark cloud hanging over it," he continued, at the time. "Because [with] 'Paper Trail -- even it's brightest moment had a dark cloud hanging over because you knew that there was a moment of adversity coming soon behind and that was just the thought in the mind that even if times are good right now, even of all the successes there, I know that soon, somebody is going to have to go to prison. And you don't have that with 'King Uncaged.' It's unapologetic with no explanation. Just celebrate! Celebrate the moment, just being thankful to be here."

Fortunately, T.I. recorded 104-105 tracks for 'King Uncaged,' so adjusting the celebratory tone of the project to something more fitting might not be so difficult. The rapper has until the end of the week to turn himself in for an 11-month prison sentence for violating his probation. 'No Mercy' is set to hit stores and online retailers on Dec. 7.