Sad news to report. T.C. Izlam, who was the former Minister of Information Grandmaster for the Zulu Nation, was killed in Atlanta in recent days. Details surrounding his killing are still unknown at this time, but many rap pioneers expressed their extreme sadness.

"T.C. was and is one of the youngsters that came up among us that was a teacher," said close friend DXT while speaking to Hip-Hop DX. "He was a well-educated young man and his ambitions to lead and teach were profound. We don't know what the circumstances are and were, but we know our brother is gonna be missed by the community. He had a wealth of knowledge through is research and studying to share, as far as in the community of uplifting people to move in a positive direction, despite organized and systematic dissemination of destructive behavior in our community."

In addition to being a talented and respected rapper, Izlam also came up with the hipstep movement and personally recruited and signed people to the Zulu Nation. He also organized shows and gave many public speakings throughout his time as Minister of Information.

"He was extremely powerful, especially with our youth," said DJ Kevie Kev. "He would take the ones doing bad things and educate them mentally to where he'd change young kids lives with wisdom and knowledge. A lot of people look at T.C. as one of the big MCs of his era of hip-hop. He was was nice and he was good, but people often overlooked his massive intellect. He was one of the most intelligent gentlemen I ever met. He could decipher anything for you and be correct. He shared his wisdom with everybody."

Everyone here at The Boombox sends our deepest condolences to T.C.'s family and friends, and we appreciate all he's done for hip-hop culture and young people.

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