As the ladies of SWV solidify themselves in the world of reality TV with the upcoming fourth episode of their WE tv series, 'SWV Reunited,' The Boombox is here to give you an exclusive first look at this week's saga, which includes arguments over songwriting.

With so much riding on the trio's comeback, Coko, Lelee and Taj decide to meet up with renowned singer-songwriter Sean Garrett to talk about working on a forthcoming track. But before the girls can step through the door, Lelee can't help but take notice of the Atlanta native and all that makes him a "cute little chocolate man." There's no question Lelee always has sex on the brain, but when it's time to get down to business, she knows how to put the blinders up.

Infatuated with Twitter and other social media avenues that open the gateways for computer thugs, SWV tell Garrett they want to write a song about "chicks hatin' on other chicks 'cause they man like that chick." What will the song be called? Guess you'll have to watch the new episode to find out.

Tune in to 'SWV Reunited' Thursdays at 10PM E/P on WE tv.