SWV have given The BoomBox an exclusive debut of the Derek Blanks-directed visuals for their new single, 'Co-Sign.' Coko, Taj and Lelee join vocal forces in the video to celebrate love in the same spirit of tracks like 'Weak' and 'I'm So Into You.'

"It's a great feeling to be back recording together again! Something special always happens when we come together," SWV reveal.

In the clip, the three singers spend quality time with their significant others and hit the studio to record the Lamb-produced track.

"Baby I'm ready, I'll sign your name across my heart," Coko coos.

'Co-Sign' appears on SWV's new album, 'I Missed Us,' which features production by Jazze Pha and Bryan-Michael Cox. 'I Missed Us' debuts April 10.

Watch SWV's 'Co-Sign' Video

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