Troubled rapper DMX, whose Arizona state prison stay was recently extended due to yet another drug violation, will finally be released on July 19, after serving seven months for a probation violation.

Producer Swizz Beatz discussed his working relationship with the 40-year-old MC, whom he has worked with since their 1998 smash 'Ruff Ryders Anthem,' at the age of 17, claiming that, despite X's legal woes and lengthy struggle with narcotics, he will always remain loyal to his dog.

"I'll always work with DMX; that's my brother no matter what," Swizz told All Hip Hop. "X was a winner already. Now it's just a matter of getting that title back. Bottom line is, he's a winner. It's just on when he wants to win again; it's all up to him."

Last week X was erroneously accused of smuggling contraband into prison, however prison officials cleared up the nature of his offense, explaining that the rapper had failed a drug test, and will be released on July 19, one week later than expected.

"He did not smuggle drugs into prison. He failed a drug test, I don't know what drugs he took, but that's it. He was due to be released today but will now be released on July 19th," an Arizona Dept. of Corrections media contact told MTV.

X reportedly has a single in the works with Busta Rhymes, entitled 'Y'all Don't Know,' scheduled to drop after his release.

Watch Swizz Beatz' 'It's Me Snitches'

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