Swizz Beatz is a colorful character but the esteemed producer and rapper opted to forego using bright hues and is instead showcasing traditional black and white shades in the video for 'Everyday (Coolin'),' the single off his forthcoming album, 'Haute Living.'

"It's showtime," Swizz shouts, commencing the TAJ-directed clip in a floral suit jacket and bowtie. As a woman appears licking her lips seductively and grabbing at different areas of her face, a group of four boys dressed in varsity jackets demonstrate impressive dance moves some would think only the likes of Chris Brown could do.

Mannequins, flashy lights and metal sculptures show in the three-minute clip before Eve makes her cameo, dressed in a shiny metal bustier and leopard-print jacket, just one of the looks she flaunts.

'Everyday (Coolin'),' the first single off Swizz' sophomore album, was released in late March. The rhymer, who's also an NYU professor-in-residence, has taken his show on the road, promoting the single for fans, most recently at Webster Hall in New York City. While there, accompanied by Eve, he also debuted a brand new track, 'Dance Like a White Girl.'

Watch Swizz Beatz' 'Everyday (Coolin')' Video