Swizz Beatz welcomed his first child with wife Alicia Keys only a week ago, but the honeymoon is officially over. Antwann Frost, a songwriter who claims to have co-produced Cassidy's hit 'My Drink 'n My 2 Step,' has slapped Swizzy with a $1.5 million lawsuit, claiming that he got stiffed on royalties from the omnipresent club banger.

In the suit, Frost claims that Swizz assembled the drums while he created "all of the other original musical components that shaped and defined" the song. Soon after the track was released, Swizz broke him off $5,000 and gave him a 5 percent ownership over the song, while he and Cassidy split the other 95 percent. Frost rejected the offer and is now suing to acquire what he feels is rightfully his, which, according to the suit, is equal partnership in the song.

This isn't the beginning of Swizz's legal troubles. In June, he settled a $334,000 debt to his ex-wife Mashonda Dean for unpaid child support payments and alimony. Later in the month, reports stated that Swizz owed $2.2 million to the IRS and New York State.

"We have been discussing the issue with the government for years and are currently negotiating an amicable resolution of the dispute," said Swizz's attorney.

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