Superstar producer Timbaland is prepping for Super Bowl XLVI the best way he knows how: by producing a song. The Virginia beatmaker has joined forces with rapper Brasco to create a song dedicated to New England Patriots player Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski.

Gronkowski, a tight end for the lauded football team, was made the subject of the song, which also features an accompanying video, due to his record-breaking season. The clip shows highlights from the football player's 2011 season, including touchdowns and his role in receiving.

"Let's toast to the life, let's reach for the stars/ Celebrate hard, 'cause the game is ours," Brasco raps on the track.

The credits featured in the clip show Timbaland credited with executive producing the track alongside Wizz Dumb.

Super Bowl XLVI finds the New York Giants and New England Patriots competing for the big win. Gronkowski will face off against the Giants Feb. 5 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Listen to Rob Gronkowski's Tribute Song Produced by Timbaland

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Beaterator Timbaland Live-Action Session Trailer

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