Rapper/actor Sticky Fingaz learned the hard way that if you play with a gun, chances are it might go off. Last week, the 36-year-old accidentally shot his friend, Luce Cannon, in the leg while showing off his new Desert Eagle pistol. (There's a 'Throw Ya Gunz' joke somewhere in this story.)

Although he is doing fine now, the bullet shattered Luce's bone which required surgery to fix. "It was an accident," the rapper, born Kirk Jones, said. "S--- happens. He's good. He's alive." The gun was registered to Jones, no charges were filed and the two also remain friends.

This incident's outcome however is a far cry from the Queen, NY, native's 2005 gun charge arrest. Jones surrendered to police after leaving an unregistered firearm in a New York City hotel room. He was later arraigned on one count of criminal weapons possession.

As one third of the rap group Onyx, Jones made a name for himself in the music industry before delving into acting. He has appeared in dozens of television and film projects including the movie 'Next Friday' with rapper Ice Cube.