In a recent interview with The Guardian, Stevie Wonder was asked to comment on the topic of Frank Ocean's sexuality, and his comments were a bit surprising to say the least.

"I think honestly, some people who think they're gay, they're confused," Wonder explained. "People can misconstrue closeness for love. People can feel connected, they bond. I'm not saying all [gay people are confused]. Some people have a desire to be with the same sex. But that's them."

This summary dismissal seems a bit short-sighted considering Wonder's otherwise progressive perspectives on music and culture. However, he is an Ocean fan, "Yeah, I like Frank," the soul legend declared.

Wonder even went so far as to sing the one of Ocean's hooks to him when they met at a party recently. Stevie sang him the silky smooth beginning of "No Church In The Wild," which was one of the tracks Ocean helped pen for Jay-Z and Kanye West's recent collaborative album, Watch The Throne.

The potentially homophobic comments from Wonder are a disappointment, despite his appreciation for Ocean's songwriting skills. A number of critics have compared Frank Ocean's crooning abilities to the soulful songs of Stevie Wonder, but those comparisons might not sit so well now.