Stevie Wonder and Common are two exemplary artists in the music world. So imagine if they teamed up for a collaborative album. Well, imagine no more.

Self-described “Manipulator of Sound” Amerigo Gazaway created a mash-up project that is simply Wonder-ful. The creative producer has released A Comon Wonder, a mash-up album featuring Common’s inspiring lyrics mixed with Stevie Wonder’s vocals and instrumentals of his most treasured songs.

For example, "I Was Made To Love H.E.R." seamlessly merges Common's lyrics from his hip-hop ode "I Used to Love H.E.R." with the instrumental of Wonder's classic love ballad "I Was Made to Love Her." Another highlight is hearing Wonder duet with Erykah Badu on "For Once In My Life," which blends Common's "Love of My Life" with Wonder's "For Once In My Life." Elsewhere, Wonder helps Common paid homage to his hometown of Chicago on the soulful "Living for the Chi-City," which meshes Wonder's "Living for the City" with Com's "Chi-City."

Overall, the 15-song collection by Amerigo Gazaway is the perfect example of how to create a great mash-up album. Gazaway is not a newbie at this either. His previous works include the Yasiin Gaye project, Fela Soul (Fela + De La Soul) and The Trill Is Gone (B.B. King + UGK).

You can stream Amerigo Gazaway’s A Common Wonder above and download it for free via his official Bandcamp page.

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