Stevie Wonder's name was close to being tarnished as a result of a man claiming he was the singer's nephew, born out of an incestuous relationship Wonder allegedly had with his sister. However, the accusations are false and the man has since been arrested and charged with attempting to extort the "I Just Called to Say I Love You" creator.

TMZ reports Alpha Lorenzo Walker threatened Wonder, telling him he would go to the tabloids with the story unless he was paid a large sum -- he originally demanded $5 million then lowered the amount to $10,000 -- to keep quiet.

Law enforcement officials trapped Walker in a sting operation by going undercover. They claimed to be Wonder's reps and had the cash in their possession. Officials then had Walker sign a document, which included a statement that his claims were false -- it is not known whether Walker was verbally told about what was actually in the document.

Walker was subsequently arrested and charged with felony extortion. His girlfriend was also charged. Walker is being held on $60,000 bail. He has pled not guilty to extortion.

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