Stevie Wonder's nephew, Alpha Lorenzo Walker, is due in court today to face felony extortion charges. According to the LA Times, Walker threatened to reveal embarrassing information about his soul-singing uncle unless he was awarded $5 million.

Walker threatened to tell tabloid papers that he was actually Wonder's son, born out of an incestuous relationship between the "I Just Called to Say I Love You" singer and his sister.

As The BoomBox previously reported, Wonder's nephew and girlfriend Tamara Eileen Diaz were arrested in early May after an undercover officer, posing as a Wonder liaison, unraveled their plot.

Walker and Diaz drastically reduced their multimillion dollar extortion attempt to $10,000 during negotiations with police, but were ultimately stopped altogether. Walker has plead "not guilty" but will have to answer to a Los Angeles court today.

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Stevie Wonder's Nephew in Court for Extortion Charges