To be a weed carrier is to be worth something. You bring value to the team. You're an asset. You might not be the nicest rhymer, but you have a responsibility to uphold, and if you don't do your duty, the squad might crumble -- no pun intended. Nowadays, weed is getting legalized all across the country, so rappers are gonna need to diversify their staff: wax holders, molly water holders, that sort of thing. But no matter how horrible they are at rapping, weed carriers will always be essential.

Young Lito is a member of Troy Ave's BSB clique. You can check out Young Lito's Soundcloud page if you want, but he only has about three solo songs on there -- the rest are Troy Ave tracks and Young Lito features on said tracks. What's the point of a rapper having a Soundcloud page without putting enough of his own songs on it?

Young Lito isn't terrible, he's just average. On 'BSB Vol. 4' he has songs like 'Wolves And Snakes' and 'Like Me,' which aren't that bad; they just don't do anything different, Ric Flair "woo" punchline and all. You have to at least sound like you're trying to make rap work as a career path. If you go through the motions on the microphone, you'll forever have a minuscule fan base. So many people try to rap now, and in order to differentiate themselves, some of them actually communicate their desperation in their music. That's what makes them dope. Young Lito just sounds very comfortable, and unless you're someone like Curren$y, who can market himself based solely off how physically comfortable he is at all times, you better have another shtick, like charisma.

Starlito, on the other hand, is easily one of the illest rappers out right now. All you have to do is listen to his 'Insomnia Addict' project from this past December, and you'll figure it out. Common themes include depression, paranoia, drug addiction, and all the other trifling things that come with those self-inflicted wounds. Wordplay, emotion, wisdom -- every song Lito makes carries essential vitamins and nutrients. He is a rapper's rapper - pure, unadulterated talent that mutates into a different form for every new record.

This Lito really popped in 2011 with the critically-acclaimed 'Step Brothers' album, a collaboration with Don Trip, and doubled down with an even better sequel in 2013. But he's been making jaw-dropping rap for years. In 2010, he made the closest thing to a classic that rap has seen in the last five years with DJ Burn One, 'Renaissance Gangster.' The project fits every mood: sullen, upbeat, apathetic. It's the proper introduction to an artist with more layers than an onion - and can make you cry just as much.

Starlito has so many projects worth checking out, it's staggering -- 'Mental Warfare,' 'Funerals And Court Dates,' 'Produced By Coop: The Starlito Tape,' plus all the projects mentioned above. Rumors have surfaced he's been working on an EP with Kevin Gates, but it's been a long time in the making, so we can only pray it comes out. The good news is Lito has so many past projects, you won't starve for his music.

If you google "Young Lito mixtape," results for Starlito pop up. If you google "Starlito mixtape," no results for Young Lito show up. Clearly, one is in a better position than the other. Starlito doesn't just rap about doing and selling drugs - he delves into the repercussions of those actions, like Pimp C suggested. Young Lito, on the other hand, is a faceless dude, a name with no unique personality or compelling delivery. What is the weed carrier's weed carrier's responsibility?

But like all tormented artists, Lito might be at odds with himself. He hasn't dropped any new music in awhile, though 'Black Sheep Don't Grin' is supposed to be coming soon. Listening to 'Insomnia Addict,' you can tell he was going through it while recording those songs. We can only hope he's healthy, because the world needs to hear this guy's music.