Starlito has turned himself into the Nashville police, after a shooting took place in a local Batter'd & Fried restaurant. A warrant was issued for the rapper shortly after the incident occurred.

According to News Channel 5, Starlito's friend was punched inside the restaurant by a man named James Fletcher, and then a fist fight ensued. From there, somebody pulled out a gun, and Fletcher was shot in the leg. At this time, however, it's not clear if Starlito used the weapon or the person who was assaulted.

Police arrested the Introversion spitter and charged him with aggravated assault and unlawful gun possession.

"They were moving out of the way, getting into safe places, it was very helpful that the staff and the customers that were here were obviously very understanding people," said Josef Guzmirtl, someone who was either at the scene or witnessed the shooting on video. "It did erupt into a fist fight at first, and then a gun came out. One man got shot in the leg."

All of this comes after Starlito got into it with Young Buck at a basketball game a few days ago, and then dropped a diss track called "You Should Be Proud." Buck has since fired back with a response record  titled "Lawd How Mercy."

At this time, there hasn't been a statement put out by Starlito's team regarding the shooting or the arrest, and it's also been reported that Fletcher has refused to cooperate with police.

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