In an interview with Vibe, Stacey Dash, who recently appeared in a video for the Game, referred to the rapper as "highly intelligent." "Game is highly intelligent. He's even educated," Dash said. When asked what kinds of conversations the two have had, she replied, "We have all kinds, from politics, to finances, to life, to religion. He's an intelligent man. That's what I hope gets exposed about him. Which is why I did my part in his video. I want him to expose that side of himself." We don't believe you. [Vibe]

Actor Brendan Fraser gained weight for his role in comedy 'Furry Vengeance.' Here he is talking about it, "I needed a bigger butt on account of there was going be a lot of physical comedy. I get thrown around a lot in the movie. But let's just face it, it's funny. Kids love it. Adults love it. They're like, 'Ha-ha, look! Brendan Fraser, the guy who was really buff in all those action movies, has gotten fat.'" Well, the last part's true. [Parade]

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