The ladies of St. Beauty perform "Going Nowhere" during the Eephus Tour in Washington, D.C.

The neo-soul duo rocked out at the Eephus Tour with their melodic song "Going Nowhere" during the Toyota-sponsored nationwide journey. Isis Valentino, one half of the group, led the crowd, baiting them to put their hands in the air with the first line of the song: "Hands in the air like I don't care."

The tune sets a carefree vibe as singer Alex jams out in the background until it's her turn to grace the mic. Her powerful vocals immediately complemented the softer mellow voice of Isis on the song, which centers on staying with someone you love.

As the audience continued to sway, Alex sung beautiful, poetic lyrics. "I feel something different every moment that I'm with ya / Like summer in November, everything you do is brilliant, you're mind. We ain't goin' nowhere," she sings.

Engulfed in blue from the set lights, the two matched the aura. Isis fashioned herself in a backless blue dress with flair while Alex wore a long sleeved black crop top with a black school girl skirt.

The tour featured a series of seven shows across the U.S. over the summer including stops in New York and Atlanta. Fans can get a taste of the Wondaland experience by watching St. Beauty get in their zone above.

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