Want to see dead Soulja Boy come to life in a morgue freezer? In the third part of Converse's Three Artists, One Song campaign, the tattooed rapper collaborates with indie duo Matt & Kim and party-rocker Andrew W.K. by lending his rhymes and acting talents to the track and visuals for 'I'm a Goner.' The gruesome clip features bloody, dismembered, eye-dripping corpses, mysteriously re-animated and living it up with some head-bumping and cannibalistic macking.

Soulja Boy -- his face is conveniently encrusted in morgue freezer burn, so we can't tell whether he's gotten any of those facial tattoos removed -- enjoyed mixing sounds (and guts) into the up-beat motley crew brew's grizzly clip. Check it out and join the zombie party.

"We just wanted to make something catchy, that would make the people want to sing to and party to, to bring all the different musical genres together, and create a dope visual too," Soulja Boy tells Rolling Stone. "I'm big fans of Matt and Kim and Andrew W.K., and I was surprised to hear they were fans of mine as well, so it was like a super party in the studio. There was just a powerful energy when we all got together, and everyone just brought their own creativity to the table."

"My style is very different," he says, and that's not just because he's the first hip hop artist to take part in the project. "It's retro, it's anime, it's manga, it's art. It's very out of the box, almost out of space - like I came from a different planet. I don't follow the trends, I set them. I like to be completely different from everyone else, and of course swagged out from top to bottom."

If you dig the mix, you can download the track for free.

Watch Soulja Boy in Matt & Kim and Andrew W.K.'s 'I'm a Goner'