Here at The Boombox, we pride ourselves on delivering the best in hip-hop and R&B on a daily basis. From industry veterans to new artists, keeping our readers up to date with the latest music is our priority. But at times, a simple post doesn't do a particular song justice and its importance may get lost in the shuffle. We've decided to present our Songs of the Week column to highlight the tracks we feel are the most noteworthy releases you need to hear.

Being that three is the magic number according to the gospel that is Schoolhouse Rock (which happens to be a guilty pleasure at The Boombox), we're putting you on to three tracks that deserve a spin. Press play below and feel free to leave your picks in the comments section.

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    'Ray Gun'

    BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah Feat. DOOM

    The long-awaited Ghostface Killah and DOOM project has always been viewed with an air of skepticism. But, late last year, when Ghost confirmed that the release would icome in 2015, many rap nerds offered to sacrifice their imaginary wives to the rap gods for the gesture.

    While no concrete details have been announced except for the facts that it's not a myth and will actually see the light of day (we'll see), Ghost recently tossed us a bone in the form of a fresh track featuring the masked cult-hero, titled 'Ray Gun.' Produced by Canadian punk enthusiasts BADBADNOTGOOD, the song is exactly what you'd expect a Ghostface and Doom song to sound like -- a drum-heavy soundbed fit for a '70s blaxploitation film.

    Although amounting to a glorified quick-strike freestyle, both MC's impress and have a recognizable chemistry. BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghost's collaborative project, 'Sour Soul LP,' is scheduled to drop on Feb. 24, so be sure to mark that on your calender. After a listen of 'Ray Gun,' you definitely don't want to sleep on this one.

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    'Satin Black'

    Hanni El Khatib & Freddie Gibbs

    Freddie Gibbs kicks off 2015 with the solid Hanni El Khatib-produced 'Black Satin.' The rapper is in his zone on this effort, dropping two verses on top of the talented L.A.-based producer's exquisite beat. The track was released to celebrate the third edition of Converse Skate Ambassador Kenny Anderson's signature shoe, the Converse Cons K^3 -- he was responsible for pairing Gibbs and Khatib together.

    The song will live on the clothing and lifestyle brand's 'Cons Vol. 3' project, with three more loosies set to drop in spring. Hopefully, this collaboration will lead to more music from Gibbs and El Khatib, as this one is the equivalent of audio dope and has kept us with the shakes since the day it dropped.

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    'Black Man Pt. 1'

    Trinidad James Feat. Big K.R.I.T.

    This pick for Song of the Week is an odd choice, but Trinidad James sure as hell earned it. The polarizing southern rapper teamed up with fellow country king Big K.R.I.T. for the excellent 'Black Man Pt. 1,' delivering a little food for thought and defying critics who pigeonholed him as just the 'All Gold Everything' guy.

    "You don't got to read between the lies to realize what we need," Trinidad rhymes, calling for unity between all communities regardless of skin color. While still speaking to the plight of injustices of African American's across the nation, he doesn't mince words in process. He directs lines towards the rampant self-hate in our communities, rapping with an authentic air of concern in his voice for the matter at hand.

    Big K.R.I.T. closes out the track with a few quick words of his own -- in impressive fashion. 'Black Man Pt. 1' is the latest offering from James' upcoming free album, 'No One Is Safe.'

    Only time will tell if James will ever be able to set himself apart from the 'All Gold Everything' label, but this selection is a great step in that direction.