Remaking a song is no easy task. Usually, there is nothing like the original. However, when a remake is done right, the artist might make music history, accidentally overshadowing a song's original composer. Some of the most popular song remakes to do just that are Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' (originally by Dolly Parton), Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' (originally by Otis Redding), and Maxwell's 'This Woman's Work' (originally by Kate Bush). The BoomBox dusted off some of our favorite lost hits from the '80s -- the decade when hip-hop first began making a name for itself -- and after some careful deliberation came up with a list of unlikely song remakes that would be sure to wow.

10. Beyonce Knowles, 'Eternal Flame'
Originally by the Bangles (1989)
Beyonce, The Bangles
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Hard-core fans of '80s girl band the Bangles might want to spray us with a can of Aqua Net for this suggestion, but Beyonce has got what it takes to give 1989's 'Eternal Flame' a needed revamp. The song is right at the top of Bey's vocal range, but she could easily sing it with enough gusto to make 'Eternal Flame' a No. 1 hit for the second time. And imagine the video if Jay-Z, Bey's real-life spouse, agreed to do his part!
9. Rihanna, 'Sex Shooter'
Originally by Apollonia (1984)
Rihanna and Apollonia
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Rihanna is the new Apollonia, whom people might remember from playing Prince's girlfriend in the 1984 movie'Purple Rain.' Since Rihanna is officially a good girl gone bad who oozes sex in every performance and video, she should take it to the next level for a 'Sex Shooter' cover.
8. Trey Songz, 'Love You Down'
Originally by Ready for the World (1986)
Trey Songz, Ready for the World
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Give Trey Songz a wet 'n' wavy Jheri curl and some background singers, and you easily have 2011 Ready for the World. This slow jam goes right in line with Trey's other hits, and the ladies would quickly swoon, especially with this line: "All of your friends think I'm just too young for you/You tell them that I can do what guys their age can do."
7. Mary J. Blige, 'Alone'
Originally by Heart (1987)
Mary J. Blige, Heart
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For years, Mary J. Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, has toyed with rock. Most recently, she recorded a cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven.' She may be one of the few R&B artists who could go the rock route and not lose her urban following. The song that should kick that off is 'Alone' by Heart, which had a lead vocal from the great Ann Wilson. Add some killer background vocals, and it's an effortless fit for Mary.
6. Kanye West, 'Somebody's Watching Me'
Originally by Rockwell (1984)
Kanye West, Rockwell
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Kanye West is a little 'Paranoid,' always thinking the world is out to get him, so Rockwell's 'Somebody's Watching Me,' written by Michael Jackson, is a great song for him to cover. West could add his own rhymes, sing in his slightly flat voice and give us one of those overly symbolic Kanye videos.
5. Christina Aguilera, 'Sugar Walls'
Originally by Sheena Easton (1985)
Christina Aguilera, Sheena Easton
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It was Chris Rock who said Ricky Martin needs a hit "like a crackhead needs a hit!" The same goes for Christina Aguilera. An unlikely but doable match for Aguilera is Sheena Easton's Top 10 hit from 1985, 'Sugar Walls.' Aguilera could make this song her own, as long as she avoids her occasional tendency for oversinging.
4. Jennifer Hudson, 'Meeting in the Ladies Room'
Originally by Klymaxx (1985)
Jennifer Hudson, Klymaxx
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The vocal, the style and the attitude of this classic '80s track completely represents where Jennifer Hudson is today as an artist. The world is ready to see J-Hud whip her hair, strut her new svelte frame and croon the lyrics "These women are puttin' their hands all over his Yamamoto Kanzai sweater that I bought!" Someone call Clive Davis and make this happen!
3. Lady Gaga, 'Centipede'
Originally by Rebbie Jackson (1984)
Lady Gaga, Rebbie Jackson
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'Centipede' (with Martha Wash wailing on background vocals!) was Rebbie Jackson's only hit, which reached Billboard's Top 40 in 1984. Lady Gaga could dramatically revitalize the song and deliver a creepy, insect-infested video, turning herself into a centipede that hatches out of that egg she arrived in at the 2011 Grammys. Take note Ms. Germanotta!
2. Justin Bieber, 'Roni'
Originally by Bobby Brown (1989)
Justin Bieber, Bobby Brown
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Sure, you are saying Justin Bieber is just too young to sing Bobby Brown's classic ballad about an oversexed boy obsessed with a girl. But Brown was only 17 when he recorded the song, which is the age Bieber just turned. The teen dream will soon be getting his grown man on, and this track is the perfect introduction.
1. Nicki Minaj, 'Material Girl'
Originally by Madonna (1985)
Nicki Minaj, Madonna
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Nicki Minaj is a phenomenon, but she has yet to have the monstrous hit song that the whole world knows. With a little tweaking of the lyrics, Minaj and her team should tackle Madonna's 'Material Girl.' In the way that Madonna paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe with the 1984 video, Nicki should copy the video frame-by-frame, forever branding herself as the Madonna of hip-hop. Yes, this is a signature song for Madge, but with the right vision Minaj could snatch the title as this generation's 'Material Girl.'
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