Solange Knowles is using her vocal skills to put money towards a good cause. The Texan songstress has teamed with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and Twin Shadow to craft a new tune aimed at raising funds to help the global water crisis in Africa.

'Kenya,' a track with a tribal feel, was created to raise money and awareness around the lack of water access and sanitation as part of The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) founded by The Coca Cola Africa Foundation. The foundation brings together business, local government and committed individuals to tackle the increasing water problem.

The 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams' creator recorded the song with an accompanying video, which shows the three acts in the studio, as well as images of the people affected by the African water crisis.

"To me it inspires hope when it's more upbeat and spirited, and I think that that is what the conversation should be about," Solange says regarding the charitable song.

All proceeds from 'Kenya,' will be used to provide clean water and sanitation resources to Africa's most needy, which could be providing such things as loos in Rwanda, rain harvesting roofs in Uganda or carrying containers in the Cameroon.

Watch Solange's 'Kenya'

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