Over the weekend, Solange took to her website and described an unfortunate incident that took place at a Kraftwerk concert on Friday.

According to the Saint Heron creator, she was dancing to one of the songs and apparently angered four women who was sitting behind her. Plus, her 11 year-old son Daniel was present, along with her husband and another gentleman.

"You get there about 10 minutes late but lucky for you as soon as you walk to your box seats, the song that you just played for your son in the car is on," wrote Solange in an essay called And Do You Belong? I Do.

"It's a song his uncle sampled, 'The Hall of Mirrors.' You haven't even sat down yet, because you just walked to your seat, and you're so excited to dance," she added.

That's when the mother-of-one said things turned ugly pretty quickly.

"You were planning on sitting down after this song, as long as it wasn't one of the four songs that you really connect with and plan on getting down to," wrote Solange.

"You feel something heavy hit you on the back of your shoulder but consider that you are imagining things because well, certainly a stranger would not have the audacity," she wrote. "Moments later you feel something again. This time smaller, less heavy and your son and his friend tell you those ladies just hit you with a lime. You look down only to see the half eaten lime on the ground below you. You inhale deeply. Your husband calmly asks the group of women did they just throw trash at you. One woman says, 'I just want to make it clear, I was not the one who yelled those horrible, nasty, things at you.' Loud enough for you to hear. This leads you to believe they were saying things way worse than what you heard, but you are not surprised at that part one bit."

Before posting the essay, the singer detailed the incident on Twitter and received a bit of backlash for it, which she later said she expected.

"You know when you share this that a part of the population is going to side with the women who threw trash at you," she wrote in the essay. "You know that they will come up with every excuse to remove that huge part of the incident and make this about you standing up at a concert 'blocking someone’s view.' You know that a lot of the media will not even mention the trash being thrown at you with your 11 year old son being present."

At this time, the four women who allegedly threw the fruit haven't been identified and there's a good chance they won't. Either way, you can read Solange's moving essay here.

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