Solange penned a letter to her teenage self for Teen Vogue, where she's candid about her path to self-discovery. Clearly, the singer wanted to help young people with the letter, but you can tell she found writing it cathartic.

Through her well-crafted words, Solange discussed the different phases she's gone through that other women might experience as well. Some of those experiences include "The Bible-thumping-church-camp phase," wrote the singer. "Which coincided and contradicted with the Fiona-Apple-fan-club-president phase and the Rasta-vegan-thrifter, who's-determined-to-marry-Brandon-Boyd phase."

In another part of the letter, the Seat at the Table singer told teenage girls to be patient, and said it's okay if the road to success is long.

"There will be fear, a lot of it," wrote Solange. "There will be triumph ... There will be constellations you want to reach for but can't put your finger on. You will trace them like the scars on your body ... You will take the long way to get to these Orions. The long way will become a theme in your life, but a journey you learn to love."

You can read the Houston native's full letter here.

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