Just when you thought Solange's album, A Seat At the Table couldn't be taken any higher Solange has leveled up yet again by creating an exhibit showcasing exclusive performance pieces and other visual accompaniments from the 2016 album at London's Tate Modern.

Titled, "Seventy States," the exhibit opened today (August 25) with a digital display projected off the walls of the Tanks Foyer. The interactive piece is also available on Tate's website.

"Seventy States" was created in collaboration with Carlota Guerra and features an installation by Ricardo Basbaum. It was directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. The digital interactive exhibit features exclusive unreleased performance pieces and concepts from music videos "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes in the Sky."

Included in the exhibit are two untitled poems that Solange wrote which are both dated 2 June 2017. When asked about the process of creating A Seat At the Table, Solange shared her creative process on tate.org

"During the creation of A Seat at the Table and my deeper exploration into my own identity, I experienced many different states of being, and mind throughout my journey," she offered. "I mourned. I grieved. I raged. I felt fear and triumph while working through some of the trauma I set out to heal from. The state I so greatly wanted to experience, but that never arrived was optimism. I couldn't answer my own question, if I had a responsibility as an artist to also express optimism in the midst of working through so much of my own healing."

She also explained the creative approach she took with the exhibit "Seventy States."

"I decided to do this through a visual language. I wanted to create this language to help me to get closer to the balance I yearned to be closer to and express," she shared. "I wanted to create a meditation and mediation using movement, repetition, symmetry, color theory, landscape, and scenography, as my own individualized protest."

You can view the digital version of "Seventy States" here.


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