The TSA are weary of Solange Knowles' afro. The singer, and official Blue Ivy babysitter, recently took to Twitter to tell fans about her hairy run-in with the Transportation Security Administration at a Miami airport.

"I kid you not. This just happened to me," Solo tweeted, linking to a story about a woman who had gone through an embarrassing fro pat-down at an Atlanta airport.

Knowles was asked to remove her wig as well, in order to prove there was nothing hiding in it. Of course, no weapons were found.

"Discrim-FRO-nation," she later tweeted. "My hair is not a storage drawer. Although, guess I couuld hide a joint up in here. *Blames 'Romnesia' (my wigs name),"

Despite her chipper attitude (and perfectly placed, last-ever mention of 'Romnesia' by anyone) she couldn't help getting in a few more jabs at the TSA.

"Lets play a little game called: 'What did TSA find in Solange's Fro?'" Hilarity ensues.

So what did we learn today? If you've got a big fro, the TSA will probably want to take a closer look at it. Oh, and Solange is still awesome.