SolangeIn the age of Twitter nothing can stay a secret, so when singer Solange Knowles had her bike and handbag stolen, she took to her personal page to announce the news.

"Thank you whoever stole my bag and my fave yellow bye-sick-cool [sic]. I hope you ride it really fast then trip on a stick and fall," she wrote. Realizing that ill will towards the robbers may not be a good idea, the 23-year-old retracted her statement. "Ok. I don't want them to really hurt anything when they fall. Just a scratch or two."

The singer stated that the bike was a gift from two of her close friends, and clearly more important than the handbag. "Damn. I really miss my bike," she wrote a few days after the incident. "[I] Kind of don't want to replace it, going to the bike store, somehow feels like getting a new boyfriend so soon after one tragically died."

Knowles is known for using her Twitter page to keep fans updated on her daily life. Besides boasting over 300,000 followers, the mother of one also uses it to debunks rumors and responds to stories written about her in the blogosphere. After cutting her long locks into a short buzz, she expressed her frustration at how big the story was. "Only reason I responded to this is because I was disappointed to see my name more talked about then [the] Iran election," she responded.

The Texas native currently resides in Los Angeles and is reportedly working on the follow-up to her sophomore album 'Bring it On: All or Nothing.'