Solange's beautiful wedding day turned disastrous when the singer suffered an allergic reaction at the reception Sunday (Nov. 16).

According to Cambio, the new bride was spotted leaving the event with her face and neck covered in hives. The not-so flattering photos started circulating online and it looks really bad. You can actually see the redness on her neck and scarring on the face. Poor Solange.

Thankfully, Beyonce and Jay Z escorted the singer into a vehicle and rushed her to a local hospital. Bey even tried to shield her from the flashing paparazzi cameras.

Despite this unfortunate incident, the nuptials went off without a hitch. After the ceremony, the couple, along with partygoers, trotted down the French Quarter in New Orleans, celebrating (see the video below).

As for Solange's hives, don't worry, it's treatable. According to the Daily Comet, doctors can figure out the cause and offer a variety of treatments. So Solange should be back to her old self in no time and enjoy the rest of the year as a new blushing bride.

Get better Solange!

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