SolangeSolange Knowles appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show last Wednesday (Sept. 30) to talk about her hair -- or lack thereof -- after pulling a Britney Spears and chopping her lengthy locks in favor of a buzz cut back in July. Solange's appearance was a part of Oprah's coverage of Chris Rock's upcoming documentary, 'Good Hair,' which humorously explores black women's struggle with their hair, with the help of a few celebrities.

The 23-year-old R&B singer explained that she made the decision to go short and sweet because she was fed up of shelling out cash and dedicating so much time to properly caring for her hair. "Realistically I was spending about $40,000-$50,000 [on hair]" she said. "A year and probably half of my life, I grew up in a hair salon, my mum owned a hair salon. There was always this feeling of always wanting to be in the salon once or twice a week and I got a perm pretty early -- I was four."

Solange's hair became a trending topic on Twitter after a paparazzi photo of the new cut surfaced online, but the Houston native had some choice words for her critics. "I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair," she wrote on her Twitter page. "I'm not mad at all of you that have made your opinions know and have sent negative energy my way. I expected this of you." She informed fans that this wasn't the first time she had chopped her locks – citing previous occasions when she was 16 and 18 years old.

During her appearance on Oprah, Solange set the record straight for the final time, explaining that her new haircut simply made her life easier. "This phase in my life I want to spend the time the energy and the money on something else and not in the hair salon," she said.