Multi-talented songstress Solange doesn't just lend her soulful vocals to Chromeo's new track, she lends her womb. Bang! Boom! She's pregnant, just like that, in a new video for the electrofunk duo's single, 'When the Night Falls.'

In the fantastical new clip, Chromeo plays a hot set in a small bar. So hot, in fact, the Montreal musicians impregnate women instantly just by the sound of their live track. As pretty gals start violently popping up belly bumps, even Beyonce's little sister isn't safe from spontaneous immaculate conception. Then, things get stranger.

Will the guys from Chromeo escape Solange and a dozen knocked-up ladies? Will they get knocked down or will the responsibilities of fatherhood catch up to them, all of it? Is it too weird or too real? Find out in the clip below.

Watch Chromeo's 'When the Night Falls' Featuring Solange

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